Introducing Fallen Fabric

My first building design, Fallen Fabric is a little more than halfway done but I am publishing the design so far so the following posts, which will make up a research journal, will be in context.

The function of the building is to be a workshop specialising in the handmade production of fabric.

The form is based on studies I did of a cloth that had fallen into a heap, this I then reproduced in small conceptual models, and worked using these, put into the context of the site, until I got to the design you see below.

Above the workshop, there is an apartment where the main user is to live, accessed by a staircase built into the creases of the ‘fabric’ on the outside of the building.

The concept of the project is based on the flowing curvature of fabric and the beauty that can be found in every part of it. This is also mixed with the contrasting structural tools used to make the fabric itself. The ground floor level has a maze of curtain partitions which can be adjusted, creating and merging spaces according to need.

At the moment the building is to be made of fabric formed concrete and glass, as well as glass square bricks, but this may change according to suitability as I continue with my research.


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